Give Thanks. Give Back.

Your Support Today Empowers Youth For Life

Give Thanks. Give Back. A Project of Digital Harbor Foundation

Give Thanks. Give Back.

In celebration of the holiday season, we at DHF are thrilled to announce a new DHF Members Program!

Members are donors that maximize their impact by giving a little every month. Our goal is to creates a supportive community that ensures our youth always have the resources to succeed.

Members will receive note from a youth as well as a 3D printed Chesapeake Bay animal. All animals were designed and printed in our youth-run 3D Print Shop!

Our monthly giving levels are:

$5 (Scallop) $25 (Starfish) $50 (Blue Crab) $100 (Great Blue Heron) $250 (Diamond Terraback) $500+ (Osprey)

Every animal in the Chesapeake makes a difference, and so does every donor.

There's no such thing as a small donation.


Not Ready to Become a Member?

That's okay!

We are grateful for any and all one-time donations.

Whether you give once or 100 times,

Your support today empowers youth for life.

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